Connecting cargo shippers to the TIC industry. Globally.


TICit Hub seamlessly connects commodity traders and shippers with Testing, Inspection & Certification (TIC) providers for any cargo movement, worldwide.

TICit Hub provides operational software and data solutions for the commodity shipping and inspection industry, designed to increase the speed and efficiency of trade settlement for globally traded commodities including, crude and refined oil, petro- chemicals, metals & mining and agricultural products.

Physical trade operations involve many detailed interactions between Traders, Schedulers, Inspectors, Laboratories, Loss Controllers and Finance.

Any change in delivery time, quality or quantity of the commodity affects bottom line profitability and can result in lengthy and costly loss claims. Timeliness and accuracy of information is essential due to the volume, variability and complexity of transactions.


TICit Hub is the go-to solution for some of the world’s largest commodity suppliers and inspection companies.

  • 119 cargo inspection companies are connected to TICit Hub.

  • 12 global commodity suppliers and trading houses are connected to TICit Hub.

  • Over 6,500 users in 49 countries.

  • Proven integration with ERP and CTRM applications.

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TICit Hub provides a unified connection between commodity shippers and the TIC industry powered by a standardised, industry approved reference data translation service.


TICit Hub is designed for all parties to connect once and submit to multiple end points across the lifecycle of a commodity movement.

  • Services ensure seamless job order management, loss control and automated invoicing.

  • Integration enables faster, low touch submission and receipt of results.

  • Access enables on the move, customised user experiences.

  • Platform enables real time reporting, analytics and KPI management.


Results fast, paid fast

TICit Hub has transformed the way many of the world’s largest cargo shipping companies and third-party inspection providers interact by providing a platform that standardizes and automates the entire cargo inspection lifecycle.

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