TICit Inspection is built for the TIC industry.

Testing Inspection and Certification (TIC) is a highly competitive industry. Customers demand lower costs, improved quality and more data driven insight.

Razor thin margins and a highly competitive market have driven TIC companies to aggressively invest in digital automation to reduce operating costs, while maintaining high standards of customer service.

Today's TIC industry is all about removing manually intensive ways of working and using inspection management technology to increase the speed and accuracy customers depend on.

TICit Inspection is the Inspection Management System to handle the inspection of all globally traded commodities.


TICit inspection increases the speed of communication between you and your customers.

TICit Inspection directly integrates into the back office systems of some of the largest commodity companies in the world, giving you the ability to submit real time updates to your customers on the TICit Hub network.


TICit for Inspection Coordinators

Over the course of a cargo movement many things change. The original job order can alter frequently and this impacts the duration and nature of the inspection, the tests and re-tests undertaken and ultimately determines the cost of the inspection job.

TICit ensures you can handle every aspect and detail of all of your inspection jobs in one central location. Available for all commodities, any MOT, globally. 

Communicate quickly and easily with everyone in your network using the leading industry standard reference data only available on TICit Inspection.


TICit for Labs

Receiving clear testing instructions is critical to the fast delivery of inspection results. TICit Inspection enables your Laboratories to handle customer slates, quality testing results, Certificates of Analysis and sample retention management.

Lab information is visible to Coordinators and Invoicing staff which eliminates the need for re-keying of information. Results can be submitted directly to the customer via TICit Hub without the need for emails and attachments. 


TICit for Finance

Receiving payment quickly depends on whether there is agreement on the details of the job completed.

TICit Inspection is a global system configured to provide local regulatory and currency templates, real-time updates and integrated access, which eliminates the costly, manually intensive invoicing process and ensures that discrepancies are quickly and easily settled.  


TICit Operational Data

Increasingly, customers expect TIC companies to provide KPI's as part of every contract. Availability and timeliness of operational data optimises performance and provides insight into the profit margins associated with every aspect of the job.  

TICit Operational Data provides the management information you need to analyse your performance by product, location and customer. 

All reports are based on industry standard reference data to enable you to make like for like comparisons across your business, globally. 


Are you tired of re-keying information from one system to another? Click here to learn about TICit Basic.



TICit Hub has transformed the way commodity shipping companies and third-party inspection providers interact by providing a platform that standardizes and automates the entire cargo inspection lifecycle and integrates with SAP, Spiral Software, RightAngle and Openlink.


Over 100 of the world's largest commodity Inspection companies are using TICit Hub to optimise the Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) process.

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