Operational Data

TICit Hub Operational Data provides the management information you need to analyze your performance by product, location and customer.

Increasingly, customers expect Testing Inspection and Certification (TIC) companies to provide Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as part of every contract. Availability and timeliness of operational data optimizes performance and provides insight in to the profit margins associated with every aspect of the job.

All reports are based on industry standard reference data to enable you to make like for like comparisons across your business, globally.


Loss Control Data

TIC Hub’s Loss Control is the leading provider of aggregated inspection data containing the vessel’s historical ship and shore volume measurements.

Loss Control plays a vital part in determining the cost and timeliness of trade settlement based on their ability to review and validate shore tank measurements. Due to the nature of reported VEFs, most organizations are not able to sequentially track vessel port call logs and benchmark against previous reports to catch anomalies.

Third party Inspectors send their reports in data formats (PDF, scanned images) that makes gathering, storing and retrieval of information time consuming. Each company only has access to their inspection reports making spotting trends and anomalies difficult.

TICit Hub processes all complete independent inspection reports from across the oil industry to provide a comprehensive set of voyages for a VEF calculation. The TICit Hub VEF is an independent calculation and therefore includes ALL voyage data unless it is incomplete or inaccurate.