Onboarding of newest Oil & Gas major seamless with TICit Hub’s Reference Data and restructured implementation plan

TICit Hub, the global commodities network announced today the successful on-boarding of its newest customer using the recently launched TICit Hub Reference Data and the newly restructured implementation plan.

TICit Hub Reference Data launched earlier this year as an essential tool for cargo shipping companies to streamline their operations, reduce operational costs and improve their reporting capabilities. Having access to master data enables TICit Hub users to make like-for-like comparisons greatly reducing time spent sifting through data and re-keying information.

“This is a great time to implement TICit Cargo with our new streamlined process”, said Miguel Goquingco, Implementation Engineer at TICit Hub. “The training program for our newest customer went very smoothly thanks to TICit Hub Reference Data.”

TICit Hub is the next generation of products by Navarik Corp. The integrated products are designed to further enhance the end-to-end cargo inspection management process, both for the cargo shipper and for the cargo inspector. In addition, next generation data products for tradeflow, operations, loss control, and reference data will help drive increased efficiencies throughout the industry.

Our vision is to be the trusted Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) industry network, delivering accurate TIC results to customers FAST and getting TIC suppliers paid FAST.

Shannon Darrach