TICit Hub announces five-year service renewal with one of its largest cargo shipping customers

TICit Hub, the global commodities network announced today the five-year service renewal of one of its largest cargo shipping customers. The decision to renew was based on the commodity company’s future integration strategy, their high level of satisfaction with TICit Hub’s support services and the value they receive from the TICit Cargo system.

With over two thousand employees located across the US, access to live, 24/7 customer support is critical to keeping business running smoothly and is one area of the TICit Hub services that has contributed to the decision to renew. Additionally, the commodity company identified the newly launched customer support web portal as a highly valued service. With access to answers for many commonly asked questions, the ability to generate a support ticket from anywhere, and the live chat function TICit Hub users can quickly solve issues and continue with business as usual.

Integrating internal enterprise systems with TICit Hub is being considered a critical next step to ensure that cargo inspection management operations are being run at top efficiency. 

“This has been an exciting year for our customer as they have significantly increased the volume of jobs managed through our systems and we have been a part of supporting that growth. We are privileged to work with some of the most successful commodity companies in the world and when a renewal like this takes place it’s solidifies the ongoing value that we provide.” Emma Hill, Chief Operating Officer.

To learn more about TICit Cargo and other TiCit Hub products and services visit our website ticithub.com.

TICit Hub is the next generation of products by Navarik Corp. The integrated products are designed to further enhance the end-to-end cargo inspection management process, both for the cargo shipper and for the cargo inspector. In addition, next generation data products for trade flow, operations, loss control, and reference data will help drive increased efficiencies throughout the industry.

Our vision is to be the trusted Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) industry network, delivering accurate TIC results to customers FAST and getting TIC suppliers paid FAST.

Shannon Darrach