TICit Hub welcomes new global Inspection company to the TICit Hub platform

TICit Hub, the global commodities inspection network announced today the integration of a new global Testing, Inspection and Certification company to the TICit Hub platform.

“In 2018 TICit Hub was asked by its customers to prioritize integration between TICit Cargo and the inspection industry so that results could be submitted faster and more accurately” said Ian Warford, CEO of TICit Hub.

The TICit Hub platform ensures that information essential to each aspect of trade settlement is communicated between TICit Cargo customers and the Testing, Inspection and Certification companies they work with.

Global inspection companies connecting through the TICit Hub platform completely eliminate the need to manually enter data into multiple systems. They deliver results to their customers faster and with streamlined invoicing they are ensured payment faster.

To learn more about TICit Hub visit ticithub.com.


TICit Hub is the next generation of products by Navarik Corp. The integrated products are designed to further enhance the end-to-end cargo inspection management process, both for the cargo shipper and for the cargo inspector. In addition, next generation data products for operations, loss control and reference data will help drive increased efficiencies throughout the industry.

Our vision is to be the trusted commodities industry network, providing insight into all transported and inspected products globally.

Shannon Darrach